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About me:

I’m Eric Munson, I like taking photos. I also don’t like my back being sore.

I used to carry around a Bogen 3021 tripod (5.75 lbs) with a 3030 head (2.3 lbs) I carried my gear in a Lowpro Mini trekker backpack (2.6 lbs), a Nikon D70 (1.5 lb) with a 80-200 F2.8 lens (2.9 lb), a 50mm 1.4 (0.6 lbs), a 500mm f8 (1.8lbs), a Tamron 24-70 f3.3-5.6 (.6 lbs) along with a SB-26 flash and an extension cord along with several filters for each and replacement batteries (2.5 lbs).

That comes to 20.55 lbs of gear when I headed out on an adventure. Usually I could convince my wife to carry the tripod for me which brought my weight to 12.5 lbs and hers to 8.05 lbs. Which is still more than I wanted to carry, which it probably why I stopped taking pictures with dedicated camera gear and started using my cell phone or a point and shoot, but the resolution with the change to digital wasn’t high enough for me to ever be happy with my shots.

But all that has changed. Lets explore how to kill your wallet instead of your back, and have fun taking photos!

Review Policy:

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