American Burro

I’m probably gonna have Lenny Kravitz’s cover of The Guess Who’s song American Woman stuck in my head all night after writing that title.

I certainly couldn’t keep this one from hanging around my door. Tom Petty’s American Girl would probably rhyme better and burros certainly know how to take it easy.


This burro was walking along a 55 mph highway on the side of the Colorado River, I stopped to take their picture and they fearlessly crossed the road. I am going to guess he or she has been given a lot of food from passersby previously.


It was fairly entertaining when the whole herd surrounded the truck I had borrowed and I’m pretty sure they were shaking me down for food. I think they could tell right away I wasn’t going to give them any because they wandered away after a couple minutes. I didn’t want to feed them and encourage them to get hit by cars. If you do want to feed burros, a trip to Oatman, Az would be my suggestion.


I think I might have accidentally made a political statement with that last picture with donkeys, cloudy skies, setting sun and an American flag.


All shots were taken with either a Canon EF-M 22mm f2 (review) or a Canon EF 100-300 L 5.6 (No link because eBay is about the only place to get one of these ancient beauties).

The only shot where I was worried was the next one. The mama herded me away right after I took the shot.


My family also hiked a couple miles out to a really cool rock art area. There were probably 20-30 rock circles each with a different center art. Normally it probably isn’t quite so green.



Desert in bloom

If you are not in the American Southwest right now, you are missing a once or twice in a lifetime photo opportunity. Rainfall the past several weeks has turned the desert from a martian training ground into a brain bewildering rocky green landscape.


I’ve visited Palm Springs and Lake Havasu several times the past few years and was looking forward to hiking some trails in the area and capturing some burro pictures. Instead it became an opportunity to take photos of amazing blooms of desert flowers and cacti.


I imagine it’s only going to get better this week and next as more and more flowers begin to open. It was totally offsetting to have my feet sink into damp soil instead of sending up small dust clouds with each step.


I brought an ancient Canon 100-300 f5.6L lens for taking long shots, I only carried it when I knew something would be in the distance. The majority of the shots were with my Canon EFM 15-45 f3.5-6.3 and Canon EFM 22mm F2 lenses, which fit into my travel pack while hiking.


I really wish I could have stayed for another week to see the cacti blooming and even more flowers to fill the landscape.